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Cute flat faced dog breeds.

Brachycephalic dog breeds are the cutest breed of flat faced dogs having a round, short head, which means minimal space for their palate as well as their eye sockets which protrude, due to the lack of head room. This is particularly true with small dog breeds which are already bred over centuries to be tiny

Affenpinscher Dog.

Health problems are mostly related to the Brachycephallic breeding, short snouted, very cute little faces. The Affenpinscher don't have many health issues besides the breathing condition common in these types of dog breed as well as eye ulcers. These little sweethearts, need human companionship and are not a good choice of dog breed if you are unable to spend a great part of your day with this cute dog.

Boston Terrier Breed

A great choice of small dog breeds for the single, elderly or family. Boston Terriers do not need lots of exercising. Active play in a small garden or an apartment is sufficient to ensure their general well being. These types of dogs are devoted, very intelligent and entertaining. Their intelligence allows for easy training, however any weakness in their owner, can result in a difficult to train, albeit cute dog.

Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an ideal apartment breed, but enjoys some daily exercise. These, non aggressive, brachecyphalic dog breeds enjoy the company of his family and must have lots of attention.  This cute dog breed will not be happy if left alone for long period of time. Low maintenance, a fabulous companion dog. A great choice if you have time to spend with your beloved pet.

French Bulldog

This sensitive soul will suffer from depression if neglected. A comical character, this little charmer is suitable for all families young and old. A relatively short life expectancy is something that needs to be considered. Not much grooming and minimal exercise makes this an easy to keep dog, provided you have time to be a companion to him! In this he is a demanding lover wanting a lot of attention, but he has a lot of love to give in return.

Brussels Griffon

A huge personality in a tiny body and rather scruffy coat! This cheeky monkey faced dog is ideal for one person. A terrier by nature, he is engaging and alert. This tiny dog breed must have a long daily walk and will become destructive if he is not exercised. These Brachycephalic dog breeds are known for snoring and wind. The Smooth coated version (petit Brabacon) is similar in every way, however, this breed variety needs less maintenance than the Griffon Bruxellois.

Japanese Spaniel

A highly intelligent lap dog which has a relatively short life expectancy compared to other small dog breeds. The Japanese Chin is an instinctively intelligent breed. Is not noisy and has a happy temperament. These small dog breeds are highly suitable as companions for the elderly. They enjoy play but are not energetic. This cute dog is not aggressive but makes a keen watchdog as this little dog intuitively assesses strangers. These brachycephalic dog breeds generally bond with one person but gets on well with other pets.

Pekingese Dog

This tiny flat faced dog cannot be keneled outdoors. As with most of these types of dogs, human companionship seems to be essential for their happiness. This sweetie is not keen on people strange to him, nor are children suitable for this fragile tot as he can guard his toys and snap when challenged. He will give you unconditional love in return for being your center of attention. A daily walk is not essential, just being a pampered pet is key to the needs of the Pekingese breed.

Pug Dogs

A compact, comical dog makes a superb addition to any home with children or the elderly. They need little or no exercise but can become obese. In fact these Brachycephalic dog breeds are genetically prone to obesity! This cute dog breed is inclined to snoring and flatulence. Brachecyphalic syndrome means they must live indoors and be protected from extreme temperatures. A gentle to train pooch and low maintenance to boot makes the Pug Dog a popular choice for those wanting a devoted lap dog.

Shih Tzu Dogs

A challenging dog breed but ideal for those who want a cute dog to love, groom and spend a lot of time with. As with all our Brachyephalic Dog Breeds, these beautiful dogs must be kenneled indoors. These types of dog can be difficult to train and hates being alone! These small dog breeds are not suitable for the family who are out all day. Ideal companion for a single person. Small children should be supervised around the Shih Tzu as they can guard their food and toys. Truly a beautiful dog breed if you have time.

brachycephalic syndrome

Brachycephalic dog breeds because they need extra care are extra special. These flat faced dogs are unable to cool themselves sufficiently as they have difficulty breathing, particularly in hot conditions or with excessive exercise.

The soft tissue in the palate obscures the trachea and prevents air from flowing over the tongue which is the manner in which all types of dogs cool themselves.

Brachycephalic Syndrome > discussed more fully.

Due to the extra care they require, these special dog breeds are usually doted on by responsible owners.

With very few precautions you will reap the benefits of these flat faced dogs as they are rich in personality and lovable appearance.


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