Calming Herbs for Dogs
Relax Naturally

Calming Herbs for Dogs for various nervous disorders, such as restlessness, anxiety, nervous tics, jealousy or aggression can greatly be reduced by herbs such as Lavender or Parsley.  Calming herbal remedies for dogs are easy to administer, don't require a trip to the vet, and are inexpensive.

Home grown herbs such as Lavender and Melissa (also known as Lemon balm) which are well known for their relaxing properties.  Lavender sprigs can be placed under their bedding which will release their calming aromatic oils as your dog moves.  The sprigs should be changed regularly.  Melissa should be chopped and sprinkled over their food with parsley or alfalfa.

Dog Herbs

Simple to grow herbs such as Parsley and Alfalfa are high in iron and micro nutrients which are essential for nerve health.  Sprinkle just one teaspoon per day of each or one of these on their daily meal.   Herbs are powerful and naturally effective for many common dog health problems.

Common oats which is rich in magnesium, selenium and Vitamin B1 all contain essential micro-nutrients for improving nerve health.  Your baby should enjoy a warm bowl of soft oats on a regular basis which will provide the essential nutrients to reduce the stress of anxiety.

Dog separation anxiety is a condition that often affects our small dog breeds who become very dependent on their human parents. When left alone they go through terrible anxiety which is very distressful for them and us.   Many small dog breeds also suffer from extreme fear of loud noises or car travel.

For a dog in crisis such as travelling in cars or bad storms, stronger and very effective herbs that are not able to be grown at home are available from your health shop in the form of Valeriana officinalis and Passiflora incarnata.  For a tiny dog, half a tablet should be administered twice a day until the crises has passed. 

Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy solutions may be added in a single drop to milk or on top of your babies food.  Calming herbs for dogs can be a life saver for dogs who are petrified by storms or who are stressed when left alone.


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