Common Dog Health Problems

Many common dog health problems may not need veterinary intervention, often they can be correctly identified and treated at home.

Our small dog breeds in particular, may become spoilt and refuse to eat "dog food" as they are given too many human snacks by their over-loving mommy or daddy.

Sick Dog

This is not a reason for a trip to the vet, we are concerned about a dog that usually has a good appetite and suddenly refuses to eat or drink. In this case you would most definitely get urgent and expert opinions.

For more common dog health conditions you may want to avoid the unnecessary and expensive trips to the vet.  We are building a comprehensive list of conditions which are relatively easy to identify as well as treat at home, before you rush off for professional but costly advise.

An Itchy dog scratching is often due to an infestation of fleas.  Simple remedies to control the ticks or flea population on the dog and in the home may be an instant solution. 

Naturally should the itching not abate, or if there are signs of hot spots, mange or excessive and continued hair loss, then a visit to the vet may be needed for further investigation and treatment.

Similarly dogs arthritis  could be identified by your local vet, however as our little babies age, it is likely that arthritis is slowing them down if they are stiff in getting up, however most of the treatment for this painful condition, starts at home with the correct diet, proper bedding and special exercise.  

Weight plays an extremely important part of alleviating the strain on the ailing joints.  Obesity is the first line of treatment, totally in your control.

Our small dog breeds can present an unpleasant symptom of dog scooting.  The most likely reason, blocked anal sacs, can be treated at home, even though it is not a task for the feint hearted.  This behavior is often mistaken for worms but infected anal glands are the most likely reason for your dog running his bum along the ground.

More complicated dog health conditions may need veterinary assistance.  We recommend that you do consult your vet if you are in any way concerned that your little angel doggie displays serious symptoms such as lack of appetite, often a sign that something is seriously wrong. 

As we add more articles on common dog health problems, we would be happy to advise you.  Please use our Contact us form or link to our RSS feed (at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left) so that we forwarded you any updates.

Go to our Veterinary Articles for specialised vet information as well as our popular Dog Gestation Period chart to help you plan the arrival of your gorgeous new puppy.

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