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Dog Wetting is usually associated with a new puppy greeting guests or when they get excited or nervous. Usually a temporary problem that a puppy outgrows as he controls his sphincter muscles (his bladder).

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs is more an aspect of the non-aggressive dog greeting designed to prevent physical attack.  Rolling over and urinating
is an acknowledgement of your superiority (or another dog).

All types of small dogs are particularly prone to this behavior as they are usually in the lower pack status.

Our tiny tots also consider us humans as very large, so when a person bends down to greet them or pick them up, they are genetically designed to roll over and be submissive as a protective mechanism. 

An insecure puppy, particularly, will interpret any touching on the head or shoulders as dominant, which is the normal pattern for us humans to do.

It is essential in both the new puppy, experiencing the common "Urinary Incontinence in Dogs" which is more understandable and is usually cured as the little pup grows into his teenage life (which is about 4 - 6 months), or the Dog Wetting Greeting which is more prevalent in the older dog, to follow the usual dog behavior correction treatment.

Ignore Ignore Ignore

Any attention of any kind, even just looking at the culprit in the eye, is seen as attention and an "aggressive" stance.  Your dog or puppy needs to have absolutely no recognition of it's behavior. 

It is vital that you don't reward the dog for urinating by shouting at it. It may seem like you are expressing your unhappiness but your dog will see it as a re-inforcement of the behavior.  Either to become more submissive (more wet floor) or for a puppy make it more insecure and instil the behavior more firmly.

The Dog Separation Anxiety rule applies with this stressful situation more than ever.  Whilst the behavior (Dog Wetting) we are talking about is not Separation Anxiety suffered by many small dog breeds (and larger ones too) it is nevertheless the same stress levels experienced by our little babies.

When we understand their Dog Pack Behavior then it is easy to be tolerant and even easier to cure as we are relaxed and not shouting at the little tot that does not measure to your knee!

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