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How to Train Small Dogs

For dog lovers and owners, they know very well how important it is to train their beloved canines as soon as possible. Training should be started while the pets are still puppies. Do not think that it is hard to teach young pups because when they get bigger and older, it is more difficult to make them learn new tricks and proper behavior. Here are some techniques to make training with small dogs easier:

  • Do not scare or intimidate – as much as possible sit or squat in front of your small dog. Standing tall makes them uneasy. Just like babies, you need to be gentle. Show them your enthusiasm by caressing and using a soft voice.
  • Use treats – you can choose a lot of treats such as dog cookies from the supermarket or pet shop. Every time the puppy follows your command, give him a small piece of treat. Dog food can also be used as a reward for his obedience.
  • Use command words or cue gestures – of course, when you give orders you use simple words such as sit, stand, roll over, behave, etc. but when you are going to lift the puppy, you must also give a cue or use a particular gesture to let the pet know that you are going to touch and carry him. It could be stressful for small dogs to be carried when they are not prepared. They are still adjusting to their new owner and environment that is why you have to help them be familiar with your cues and commands.
  • Use small training toys – consider their size, some toys might be too heavy for them and may harm their posture or bones. On the other hand, very small toys can be hazardous too. They might swallow it accidentally so, choose something bigger than their mouths but lightweight.

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