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Importance of training small dog breeds

Small dog breed owners forget that their puppies need proper training too. Just like the big dogs, the behavior of tiny dogs must be corrected as early as possible. You may find it cute when your pet small dogs act aggressive but that should not be tolerated.

When you tolerate your puppy’s aggression, you are encouraging them to be wild and excessive barking which are both signs of a behavior problem.  If you want a reliable and well-mannered pet, you must train your small dogs to behave well.

Untrained dogs do not obey his or her owners command. They become destructive, loud and uncontrollable. There are times that they do not respond when their owners are calling them which could lead to a bigger issue. Dogs who do not listen to their owners can get lost or be stolen when in a public place.

Small dogs are usually self-assertive because most owners spoil them like a little baby. Do not forget to teach your pet that you are the one in charge of everything that is why your commands must be obeyed all the time.

Positive training is advised compared to the punitive type. Giving punishments is making them more dominant and can cause aggression as well. Positive reinforcement which is reward-punishment system is accepted because the dog learns to repeat good behavior in order to receive another treat. Punishment is when the reward is not given for doing bad.  Physical punishment is never advised or even shouting because it is aggravating the aggression and like inviting the dog to bark more when angry or dissatisfied.

Whether small or big breeds, dogs must be trained for good behavior and healthy body and mind.


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