Kittens and Puppies
Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

Kittens and Puppies together can complement family life in the most wonderful way. Many of us are "dog" people and others "cat".  If your family can't decide on one or the other, get both!

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Dogs and Cats put in the same home when one or both are adults can be problematic. The cat is often tormented by the family dog, although the little pooch will usually come off second best as a cat has real weapons in the form of his sharp claws. A good time to get one of each of these gorgeous creatures is when they are both little.

Cats naturally have totally different requirements to dogs.  Cats usually don't need much grooming, although Persian Cats, for example, need daily brushing to keep their magnificent coats from matting.  Most cats, however, don't need to be walked.  

When choosing a cat breed, ask the Breeder about the exercise requirements of the cat breed you are interested in.  Many busy, loving pet owners, or the elderly cannot regularly walk their animal, in these cases, cats are ideal pets. 

Cats and Dogs generally get on well together, particularly from when they are still kittens and puppies.  Cats are able to use Cat Litter, which is another good reason, for those in apartments without gardens, for choosing a cat breed.  There are many types of cats most of which are great with dogs and thrive in a family environment.

Dogs usually need more exercise, although some of our small dogs such as the, Pug dog breed, is very happy to be a couch potato and does not like exercise.  Dogs can also make great playmates for children.   Dogs also provide "guarding" or alert instincts for protecting our property.

Remember all young children must be taught to respect animals.

  • Teach them how to pick up and hold a pet
  • They must understand a cat's or dog's body language.
  • Never to disturb an animal that is sleeping or eating.
  • Training A Puppy is the responsibility of the dog owner.

Breeds of dogs that make good cat companions are usually the docile and easy-going breeds such as retrievers or spaniels such as Cavalier King Charles.  On the other hand sight hounds and terriers and possessive small dog breeds such as the Teacup Chihuahua are less likely to live in harmony with a cat, particularly if you try to introduce them as adult animals.

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Kittens and Puppies also make companions for each other when you are at work, taking away a lot of the guilt that responsible pet owners experience when leaving our pets "home alone".  Dogs and Cats complement each other in many ways.  One important consideration though is the cost of keeping these special creatures.  Double the food costs, double kenneling when you go on holiday, double everything! 

Double Love Too!

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