Miniature Greyhound
Treat with Kid Gloves

The Miniature Greyhound is slow to mature.   This easy to maintain, hypo allergenic dog breed needs to be treated very delicately.  He is sensitive to cold conditions and his petite frame cannot be manhandled.  This is a wonderful pet for those in apartments although some daily exercise is required for this athletic breed of dog.  

Italian Greyhound


Believed to have been popular 5th century BC as evidenced by representation on artifacts.  An ancient breed which was popular with nobility during the Renaissance times.  This tiny tot has had a recovery in popularity due to its Hypo allergenic qualities and low maintenance, low odor coat.

Personality The Italian Greyhound is affectionate, non aggressive and playful.  They are reserved with strangers.  They can quiver with excitement.  They are gentle and elegant and extremely loving.  They love human companionship but can be left alone for short periods without suffering from separation anxiety.
Appearance Short and fine coat.  In solid colors of black, slate, grey or yellow. White patches are allowed only on feet and chest.  Athletic and slim in appearance.
Grooming An occasional wipe with a soft brush or cloth is all that is required.  A low shedding and odorless coat makes this a clean and easy to keep dog.  Regular brushing of the teeth and gums is recommended to prevent gum disease.

The miniature Greyhound Puppy should be checked for Patellar Luxation.  This breed is susceptible to anaesthesia, also prone to bone fractures and periodontal problems. Color dilution alopecia must be looked for before it can manifest as it is irreversible and difficult to treat.

Family An excellent companion dog, not suitable for young children due to their fragile frames. He is gentle and gets on well with other family pets.
Training The miniature Greyhound can be challenging to train particularly in cold weather as it hates getting cold or wet and dislikes windy days too.  Jumping up must be discouraged early on.  They need gentle and determined training.
Ideal Home Highly suitable for apartment living or in the country but it must have some daily exercise outdoors.  This is a quiet house companion and care must be taken not to trip over this little dog that will become your shador. In-door kenneling is absolutely essential.
Lifespan 13 plus years.
Purpose Purpose bred as a companion breed.
Watch dog Whilst these dogs are reserved with strangers, they are not considered watch dogs or alert dogs.


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