Non-shedding Dog Breeds

Non-shedding dog breeds or low shedding dogs are sought after when you have family members who are sensitive to dog hair, or maybe just to ensure less house-cleaning!

Most terriers are low-shedding dogs even though have thick dense coats. 

Regular brushing will ensure that dead hair is safely removed from the allergy friendly dog.

Non shedding dogs are not necessarily short haired dog breeds. For example the Silky Terrier or the Maltese.

list of low shedding dog breeds

A gorgeous black and white Basenji


  • Short, coat and loose skin creating adorable wrinkles.
  • Hypo allergenic dog breed  that needs very little grooming.
  • Dogs that don't shed or smell fits this gorgeous and unique breed perfectly.

Exquisite Chinese Crested

        Chinese Crested Dog

  • Hypo allergenic dog breed that has no coat, except a long silky coat on head and feet.
  • Powderpuff version has a delicious soft non shedding coat.

White fluffy dog


  • Long, straight and silky coat  Low shedding dog.
  • A small white fluffy dog perfect for hypo allergenic families.

Saluki - Clean and non smelly


  • This list of low shedding dogs would not be complete without mentioning this dog.
  • Smooth and short coat. Long silky feathering parts of body. No doggy smell.
  • Not much shedding. They are very clean dogs that do not smell or bark. 

Shiny shiny Silky Terrier

       Silky Terrier

  • Straight silky and fine, hair like coat. Very shiny and low shedding.

Schnauzer Large or Small absolutely gorgeous


  • Hard, wiry and dense coat which sheds very little, particularly when brushed regularly.
  • Extremely popular dog in small, medium and large sizes for people with allergies.

Increase brushing of your pets coat, will help with shedding as well as a healthy coat and more frequent bathing.

As can be seen from our list about, it is not just a short haired dog that are low shedding dogs.  Many abundantly fluffy dogs shed very little.

We do have another list of Low Shedding Dog Breeds.

For dealing with Dog Allergies and controlling animal dander you may find this page interesting.


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