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Silence is Golden

Quiet Dog Breeds do exist.  Many small dog breeds can be yappers and this can become a problem for the owner when the neighbours start complaining.   Even the most loving dog owner can be frustrated if his little angel barks continuously whether he is at home or not.  In many cities a dog is considered a nuisance if he barks more than 6 minutes an hour

Some dog breeds WILL bark by nature and you would be well advised to avoid these types of dogs if a noisy dog will be a problem for you. Besides the stress associated with a barking dog as you don't want to be forced to re-home your best friend or worse.

If you are still choosing a dog, you have the opportunity to select a small dog breed (or a large or giant dog breed) which falls in the "Quiet dog breeds" category.

When choosing a dog breed consider these non-barking dogs (not quite mute dogs but considered quiet dog breeds): Not all are small dog breeds


Basenji dog

  • Weight: 7 - 35 lbs (4.2 - 16kgs)
  • Height: 10 - 12 inch (25 -30cm)
  • Color - Chestnut and White or Black, chestnut and white.  Also Black and white.
  • Short Coat
  • A dog breed that needs very little grooming.
  • Family pet.  Does not enjoy getting wet.
  • Life expectancy - 12 - 14 years
  • Non aggressive but don't like strangers.

The Basenji was developed as a hunting dog in Africa.  They need lots of contact with their human owners. They are highly intelligent and loving.  These beautiful types of dogs do not bark but "yodels" which is called a "baroo". 

The wrinkled forehead completes a very unusual "non-barking" dog breed. Interestingly these quiet dog breeds (which are also rare dog breeds) grooms themselves like cats and bitches come into season only once a year.



  • Weight - 60 - 110 lbs  (35 - 48 kgs)
  • Height - 26 - 34 inch (66 - 82 cm)
  • Color - All colors and patterns but most common are white with spots.
  • Feathery, silky and shiny coat.
  • Twice weekly brushing and occasional grooming
  • Not particularly playful but enjoys other pets particularly other sight hounds.
  • Life expectancy - 8  - 12 years
  • Calm, docile, but fierce towards its enemies.
The Borzoi is an elegant and regal dog in stature.  These are truly gentle creatures that enjoy exercising particularly running. High energy breed needing to let off steam. These quiet dog breeds can appear aloof but are actually very loving and protective.

Whilst the Borzoi get along with other pets, small fluffy dogs or cats is not recommended (this is considered game!)

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Dogs

  • Weight - 9.5 - 23 lbs (4.5  - 11.kgs)
  • Height - 15 -17 inches (38 -  43 cms)
  • Striking black and white markings
  • Short and smooth, easy to maintain coat
  • Low maintenance, low shedding
  • Excellent companion and family dog
  • Life expectancy  - 12 - 14 years
  • Lively, intelligent, stubborn. These small dogs are ideal with children.

These little angels do need some patience with training.  They are highly intelligent and will spot any weakness in their owner.  Cute and utterly naughty is a good description for this sweetheart. Unlike most small dog breeds the Boston Terrier is not a yapper, although some individual dogs may make a noise to alert you when someone arrives at your door.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres

  • Weight - 90 - 110 lbs - (27 - 40 kgs)
  • Height - 23 - 27 inches (56 - 69 cms)
  • Color - Fawn to Black including Brindle.
  • Shaggy and abundant coat with coarse top coat and dense undercoat.
  • Regular brushing and occasional special grooming.
  • Bonds to one person, but makes a good protective family pet.
  • Life expectancy -  10 - 12 years.
  • Good watch dog, famous for their loyalty.
The Bouvier des Flandres' long neck make them appear larger than they are as their legs are fairly short for their weight group. Very gentle in nature, but also renowned as a watchdog. This Belgium dog breed used originally for cattle droving and sheep herding. Obedience classes are essential as the breed is known to be domineering.

The hardworking quiet dog breeds desired by police and various therapy groups.

French Bulldog

French bulldog

  • Weight: 17 to 28 lbs - Under 10 kgs (varieties up to 13 kg)
  • Height: 10 - 14 inches (25 - 35 cms)
  • Color: Brindle, Pied (black and white) and fawn.
  • Dense, glossy and soft coat.
  • Occasional brushing. Keep face folds clean.
  • Delightful family pet, devoted, gentle with children.
  • Life expectancy - 10 - 12 years
  • Good watchdog. Very affectionate and good natured.

Charming and full of fun, these small dog breeds must have human interaction for a large part of the day. They cannot be neglected, but do not need much grooming and very little exercise.

This special tiny dog breed are well known for their comical behavior and are one of the most entertaining of many small dog breeds.  They are loving, devoted and great companions.  Quiet dog breeds of the small variety.

Large Dog Breed - Newfoundland


  • Weight: 100 - 150 lbs  (50 - 68 kgs)
  • Height: 26 - 32 inches (65 - 75 cms)
  • Color: Black, brown bronze and blue, some with small white markings.
  • Profuse, dense and waterproof coat. Slightly oily. Heavy seasonal shedding.
  • Thorough weekly combing.
  • Sweet family pet not a watch dog.  Love playing in water.
  • Life expectancy - 10 - 12 years
  • Can be lazy but very gentle and docile.
This life saving dog is a very fast learner and is one of the dog breeds that is easy to train. The Newfoundland has deep loud bark but not often exercised!

Just be warned though this is a slobberer! This gentle giant dog breed knows instinctively how to save people from drowning. A family with access to water for swimming is ideal.  This Canadian dog breed is unhappy in a hot climate. These quiet dog breeds suit large properties.



  • Weight: 4.5 - 13 lbs (14 - 25 kgs)
  • Height: 21 - 28 inch (58 - 71 cms)
  • Color: White, cream, fawn, golden red, black and tan and grizzle and tan as well as variations of these colors.
  • Smooth and short with long silky feathering. No doggy smell.
  • Not much shedding and little grooming required as they are very clean dogs.
  • Not good with cats and other small pets.  Good with children but not toddlers. Must have vigorous exercise.
  • Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
  • Gentle, reserved with strangers. Rarely bark. Suitable for quiet family life.
These unusual quiet dog breeds comes from the Middle East probably Iran.   A gazelle hunter by breeding, there are records of this distinct breed going back to 328 BC.  Islamic societies consider dogs unclean, but the Saluki is an exception to this rule.

These quiet dog breeds are easily distracted and quick to become bored, they need regular obedience classes.  Can be an escape artist if left alone for long periods of time.

Should you have a barking dog problem and need help consider Citronella Dog Collars

Separation Anxiety a common cause for barking

Dog Separation Anxiety is a common problem with several types of dogs. A quick fix solution, is to not make a big deal about leaving home.  Don't set up your dog for your departure, make it as low key as possible.  Not only your departure but your arrival back home.  Many experts suggest totally ignoring your dog for 5 minutes before leaving and 5 minutes after coming back home.  Thereby do not making a fuss at all about coming or going.  Leave your radio on, or the television, so your dog does not have total silence in your absence.  Another solution is to keep your dog occupied immediately after your departure with a chew stick or snack so that he won't even notice you have left. 

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